Cost & Hours

To make chiropractic available to everyone, we have a unique and affordable fee system:

We have an initial fee of $35.00 per individual or $60.00 for the family.  That gives you unlimited care for the week.  If you then strive to live life to the fullest by receiving weekly, lifetime, chiropractic care we allow you to set your own fee.  All we ask is that you pay the most you can afford each week and tell everyone you know about our unique commitment to serve.

If you choose to get less out of life and only come in when you "feel" like it, we will gladly see you and explain the importance of regular chiropractic care, but our weekly set fee applies ($35.00 or $60.00 respectively).

At Bucks Family Chiropractic we find that people do not see chiropractors for three reasons:

1. They do not understand it.
2. They do not have time for it.
3. They can not afford it.

We have extensive hours and you never need an appointment.  If any of the reasons mentioned above have kept you from seeking chiropractic care, you have found the chiropractic office of your dreams!!  We look forward to serving you! 



Tuesday & Thursday:
6am-11am & 2pm-7pm

Wednesday & Friday:


No need to call first or make an appointment.

Please visit our calendar page to see any special closings for the month.